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¨Happy mother’s day ❤️¨ Otile Brown now sends cryptic message to Ethiopian bae, Nabayet

May 13, 2019 at 10:45
¨Happy mother’s day ❤️¨ Otile Brown now sends cryptic message to Ethiopian bae, Nabayet

Kenyan-Ethiopian power couple, Otile Brown and Nabayet dropped a bomb after allegedly partying ways just when the love dish was get flavored but are now cuddling.

The two seemingly broke up after deleting Instagram posts of each other and doing their ´own thing´ but Otile drops another shocker after wishing the beauty ¨Happy Mother´s Day¨.

On his Instagram page, the Kenyan bongo artist captions:

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However, the Kenyan artist was in for a rude shock after a fan questioned:

Amezaaa nini so far😂😂😂

From the other end, the Ethiopian biomedical scientist shares:

And without delay, the ´Nitulie´ singer comments:

My baby 😘

With Nabayet´s revealing reply:

@otilebrown love youuuu😘❤


What many don´t seem to understand is whether the two were just pulling our legs after creating a circus online with fans blaming it all on Otile´s ´cheating´.

However, all said and done, fans do love the pair but there never misses thorns on a rose flower:

What happened to say no fuck boys ..😅 lakini women only Jesus himself can deliver us.. tia! (not hatin, im jst passin 😅)

Hii itadeletiwa tw pia 😂😂😂
@i_am_latiff_😂😂😂very true
She is not yet a mother
pia ww otile hapy mother’s day ukidelete hio post
Question remains, who has Nabayet mothered? Or is she expectant?





  1. You wish someone happy mother’s day na hajazaa maishani mwake?

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