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¨Hii tabia ya kuchunga mzee, uwachane nayo kabisa!!¨ Diana slammed after crying to Bahati

July 10, 2019 at 10:43
¨Hii tabia ya kuchunga mzee, uwachane nayo kabisa!!¨ Diana slammed after crying to Bahati

Diana Marua gets slammed after announcing she misses hubby, Bahati.

It was just a weekend away from home and wife, Diana Marua cannot handle life without Bahati.

Expressing this on social media, the expectant mother reveals how much she misses Bahati, pushing him to return home pronto.

The gospel singer is among the few exclusive guests from Kenya invited to grace Diamond´s mother and lover´s birthday celebrations back in Tanzania.

Unfortunately, his wife, Diana did not receive an invite and had to warm her feet in Kenya.

Or could be her pregnancy state doesn´t allow.


Anyway, Diana misses her better half and cannot wait to have him back to Kenya.

Aaaaawww!!!! It’s clear I missed out… see you soon love 😍

Y’all look Stunning!!

@tanashadonna@diamondplatnumz Thank you for being amazing hosts to my Hubby. May you Never Lack ❤️🙏

But good thing, she knows she will be in for it expressing:

Babe, rudi home sasa woiyeeee 😭😕 @bahatikenya Comment Section About to get Lit 🔥🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Because Kenyans did flood the comments section asking her to find something else to keep her busy and leave the young man alone.

Achana na bahati ahave fun na madem wenye hawana mimba saa ii..😊😊

he is still young remember l…..😂😂😂wee chunga nyumba,watoto na mimba 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Let him learn a few more words of Tanzania Swahili sio hii yake ya hapa 😀


Hii tabia ya kuchunga mzee kama mtoto yako uwachane nayo kabisa.

Wacha kijana ajibambe na light skins wa TZ. Wewe tunza baby bump yako😂😂😂


Fisi rudi home woiyee😂😂😂😂 alshabaab wameingia Kismayu.


Wacha asalimie wauzaji wa accounts na followers


C uko n bol kwany bado untka 🍆 🍆 🙄 🙄 🙄 let him ve fun.. Wewe chunga watoto 😂😂😂


Wee wacha bahati ajibambe na watu wa kuvaa dera na rika yake…

wacha akule raha na madem warembo…shughulika na watoto you’re a housewife


Hatters gonna hate🚮🚮🚮…Bahati si unangojewa na mamaa💏


Khai siku ngapi….baha rudi home bana……hii you have overstayed your welcome


Ameshapata kamutu uko…. Atarudi tuu.. Tulia😂


Maybe alipotea njia 🤣🤣wakamba wa kathiani wana ufala sana🤣🤣


Diamond ashampea dem we kaa apo tu😁


ndio umustress?wacha aenjoy n vijana wenzake


Umeona how happy baha is when he’s away😂

Luckily, Bahati touched down on Kenyan soil late last night.





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