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¨I bake; that is my side hustle¨ Anita Nderu plans to start a bakery and hopes to read books to children at a Kindergarten school

March 19, 2019 at 17:16
¨I bake; that is my side hustle¨ Anita Nderu plans to start a bakery and hopes to read books to children at a Kindergarten school

Media personality, Anita Nderu, just clocked 29, in February this year and openly shares her career goals.

I bake; that is my side hustle.

I hope in the next 5 years, I´ll have a physical bakery where everybody can just come and eat amazing cakes.

Anita Nderu as she turned 28

Photo Courtesy

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During an interview with Malkia Africa, the beauty revealed that baking and reading books to Kindergarten pupils was among the top on her bucket list.

I´m hoping to get a job at Kindergarten school where I can read books to children before they go for their 3 o´clock nap.

Anita Nderu further stated:

I hope to work with young people more because that is something that I´m passionate about.

Media Personality, Anita Nderu all glamoured up

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Anita has worked both at radio and TV, with the former being where she worked longer.

What I love the most about radio is nobody sees you, you can go to work in Pjs; every single day your wig is a mess and no makeup.

It makes you read more, research more and brings out the creative side of you.

Anita Nderu previously at The Trend

Credit: Mpasho

The former Capital FM radio presenter however points out that she actually prefers TV more since it brings out her natural side.

Given the option, I think TV comes naturally to me.

There is something about the camera going on that makes me come alive and easily know what to say because with the TV you have to be meticulous.

Being on The Trend was the most exciting and one of my favorite places to be.

The media personality as she lavishly turned 29

Credit: Pulse Live Kenya

Anita´s 29th birthday was among the beautiful things that happened to her in 2019.

Turning 29 is the most exciting thing that happened this year.

I´m happy, every year is a blessing because not many people get blessed with the ability to say I turned 29, I´m really grateful.

Radio Queen, Anita Nderu

Photo Courtesy

The model´s unique taste and elegance in dressing, saw her scooping the Best-dressed media personality in Africa – 2017.

This was during the Abraynz stylez and fashion awards.

Anita Nderu

I love to dress up and for me being extra and overdressing is life.

Winning that trophy makes me want to be the kind of person who wants to influence other people into wanting to dress up.

The stunning beauty

Photo Courtesy

She went on:

I want Kenya to get to the point where Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa and Nigeria is fashion-wise.

Anita Nderu radio career traces back in 2013 when she won auditions for Capital FM.

Here, she worked as a news presenter for 4 years before transitioning to host ´Hits not homework´ for another year.

She is currently a panelist on the famous, The Trend that airs on NTV, every Friday.



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