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¨I do not feel like it´s a challenge¨ Daddy Owen speaks of his female stalkers

August 08, 2019 at 09:09
¨I do not feel like it´s a challenge¨ Daddy Owen speaks of his female stalkers

Kenyan contemporary Christian music artist, Daddy Owen was forced to find a way to deal with his secret admirers.

Not just for his sake, but to save his marriage.

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Speaking to Mpasho, the gospel artist states that being in the music industry for 15 years now has equipped him with ways to deal with such.

Having female stalkers as a male artiste is normal.

I have been in this industry for 15 years and I know how to talk people and handle such things like stalkers.

Stalking is not something new to me and I do not feel like it´s a challenge.

However, that was his bit. Daddy Owen married his lover, Farida Wambui back in 2016 whom he had to school on ways to deal with such, prior to her stay in Kenya.

Before we got here I had to make my wife comfortable on how we handle such things.

What has kept my marriage is me understanding that I must work on myself first.

This is because your wife is someone you are not related to.

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As he closes up, the family man insists that marriage is a transition and it needs open minds to savor.

The way I used to see my dad behave is not the same way I behave in my house.

Marriage is more about communication, marriage is a transition.

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