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¨I had to be strong for my baby¨ Socialite, Risper Faith recounts the day that she almost lost the battle in the delivery room

May 13, 2019 at 14:17
¨I had to be strong for my baby¨ Socialite, Risper Faith recounts the day that she almost lost the battle in the delivery room

Former Nairobi Diaries cast member, Risper Faith who is a mother of 1 celebrates ¨Happy Mother´s Day¨ by sharing trying experiences she encountered in the delivery room.

She reveals that being a mother is not anything easy, speaking from her own experiences.

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Her story

Risper Faith recently delivered her tender son but she cites that the delivery room was a fight she almost heart-breakingly lost.

I had a good pregnancy and I thank God for that.

Even though at the final hours delivery I couldn’t take the pain any more that led me to undergo caesarean section(cs)

The move that saw the Kenya socialite go through a caesarean section(Csection) being:

I wasn’t able to dilate to 10 cm for 12 hours ..

It was a very painful experience to say the least,any mother can relate to that.

But I was strong,I had to be strong for my baby

However, the proud mother of 1 shares that she could only embrace the moment, be strong and take courage if she was to hear her baby´s cry.

Fortunately, she did.

She further makes a shocking revelation about her post-delivery revealing:

I did a blockage surgery I dont like pain I killed all the nerves around my bikini line I dont feel nothing around that area so no pain

As her closing remarks, the young mother reiterates:

 That’s what mother are…STRONG…

So celebrate mothers day and always be strong!!!

Happy Mothers Day

It brings the entrepreneur joy to be able to embrace her little one in her arms as she recalls the day she brought him to light.


However, her story inspires many as mothers share their ordeals too:

I can relate.The pain after a CS is hell.You walk dragging your feet because you can’t lift them due to the pain on and in the incision.


I can relate the pain after a C-section it’s no joke! Staying strong for the sake of baby is key…Happy Mother’s Day to us. Proud to be a mother.


I also couldnt dilate to 10cm for 12hours and i had to be induced the pain was unbearable and i still gave birth the normal way and after a few seconds of pushing so hard and the kuraruliwa my baby had the cord around the neck waaahhh it was a terrifying experience but i Thank God we made it thru till now we are 11 months old.


@_ts_sh3ikha ooh my the same happened to me as for I was in labor for 26hrs I gave birth normal and the cord was around my baby’s neck he had to be taken to nursery for two weeks as in being a new mum it was the hardest time of my life aki I used cry each time I went to nursery kuona mtoi Hadi I promised myself next pregnancy I’m doing cs,,but thank we are doing okay


Happy mumday to u 💙


Even me in my final hours I asked for CS but daktari na manurse wakasema at this point it’s not possible. Kumbe it’s still possible ? Feeling betrayed


Happy mother’s day to us… Happy to be one.


My baby pooped inside and as they were preparing the theatre she came out …she is a Testimony.


Happy mothers day to all the mothers out here.



Well, Happy Mother´s Week to the wonderful souls called Moms that we live to cherish!




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