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¨I miss you Mum😭¨ Moji Short Babaa recalls the day when late mother told him everything will be just fine

May 15, 2019 at 12:46
¨I miss you Mum😭¨ Moji Short Babaa recalls the day when late mother told him everything will be just fine

Globally acclaimed ¨Mother´s Day¨ had popular ´Vimbada´ hitmaker reminisce his late mother.

The gospel superstar shares words that remain engraved in his mind for as long as he lives, with mama affirming to him that someday, all will be well.

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Moji Short mourns:

I miss you Mum😭 and I hope you’re proud of me in heaven!!

He however bounces back on his feet and together, holds hands with all whom have lost their mothers to the cruel hands of death.

He articulates that he lives each day to make his mama proud.

He captions:


Fans and followers personally unknown to him come out to comfort the artist and share this journey with him:

Najua ni friend ya mamangu right now!

May she continue resting in peace, she’s definitely looking from up above and smiling
Yah she is proud of what u huv become
Happy mothers day as you rejoic with angels your son is fine doing vimbada well mamaa tutaonana badae
May her soul rest in peace
Wowo people come from far
I’m sure she looks down and smiles everyday of the person you’ve all turned out to be ❤️Keep making her smile brighter 🙂


James Muhia alias Moji Short Babaa had earlier on disclosed that he was partially brought up by his grandfather whom taught him to be an independent and a busy man.

So to instill this in the then young boy, he would give him half the fare for where he was going and Moji had to somehow raise the other half.

Through hanging on matatus the ´young boy´ would get to his destination.

However, it is not tear-breaking for him, rather a boost and a piece of encouragement so that he keeps moving forward and never looking back.

All he has to do is learn the lessons and embrace the future.

It is how you gain internal toughness as a man.




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