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¨I was a waitress, a dancer, a chef, a taxi driver and a mother all at once¨ Akothee narrates

July 05, 2019 at 09:56
¨I was a waitress, a dancer, a chef, a taxi driver and a mother all at once¨ Akothee narrates

Madam boss Akothee is a true revelation of how far hard work, faith and commitment can take you.

The affluent businesswoman started right at the bottom where she had to juggle taking four different roles and still be a mother whose children looked up to.

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The single lady has sure worked her way up the ladder having been forced to do odd jobs and work overtime just to put food on the table.

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I have only one problem, I believe so much in myself that people around me think I am crazy, I am that woman who will get things done even if it will take me an arm and a leg 💪 If I left my life in the hands of people to run , I would be whom I have always been , doing the things I have always done , and being in the same shit I have always been, the strongest belief exists within me and always follow my instinct , it has never lied to me, even when my brain convinces me that its alright , my stomach always say No Esther No . being the wife of a doctor doesn't make you a nurse 🤷, being an accountants wife doesn't make you his clerk🤔, being a lawyers wife doesn't make you above the law ! Marrying a British will never change your stonch Luo Accent , Marrying or living with a French man will not make you speak French automatically , I lived with papa Oyoo for 6 years I never learned one word in French 🤔so I wonder why you think associating yourself with successful people or rich people will make you rich or achieve your goals 🤔🤔, nothing comes on a silver plate , the difference between the successful and the average , is that ,successful people are willing to go out of their way to do things average people wont do 🤔 average people are full of blames and complainins , blame everyone until you have yourself to blame . bottom line, you are the weapon formed against yourself , Success can and will never be sexually transmited , or inherited! even if you marry a bank with no brains at work to invest , the bank will eventually close down .invest your time wisely , give yourself a target , write down the things you would like to achieve , and follow them with lots of discipline .I travel alot and I keep learning alot , so travel if you can 💪💪, even if its going to the village , lovely week @akotheesafaris @rfh_healthcare @akotheefoundation @silverstoneairservices @malindidreamgarden @acaciapremierhotel

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Up on social media, the mother of 5 shares:

Success is all about attitude part 1

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I have always asked my children this question " have you ever thought of me going to bed and not waking up?🤔 taking off and not landing🤔 going to hospital on wheelchair and coming back in a casket!🤔 going to hospital in a V8 and coming back home in a van , coz I cant fit in the V8 anymore!, my names changing drastically from madamboss to , Body / maiti e.t.c🤔🤔 what will you do @veshashaillan @fancy_makadia tafakari🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾, once you are over 18 grub anything your parents are offering you , even if its education, if they are able ask for a capital and start your own business besides school 🙏🏾, most kids who suffer alot when their parents die , are rich kids , if you know !you know , if you dont know ask me why ? In the meantime lets support @veshashaillan with her new passion @akotheesafaris 511

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In what she refers to as the story of her life, Part One, the petite black beauty shares heydays when she owned a restaurant, served as a waitress, dancer, chef and still a taxi driver in Mombasa.

Did you know that I had a restaurant in shanzu
The stomp 196 ? I was the waitress , dancer, chef , and still managed my taxi.

What is more catchy is how she felt pretty rich at the time.

I felt very rich, at that moment

However, what Akothee wants to put across is that Success just needs the right attitude.


Fans applaud the President of Single Mothers for never backing down because now she can proudly flaunt what she rightfully earned.

I always love your spirit…. wish all women thought like you😍


Madam boss, I can’t wait for your coming.


Attitude🙌 i want this


Love you sana God continue to bless you and your family 🙏🙏🙏


Madam boss🔥🔥


👏👏👏i love your effort bae

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