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¨I will do anything…¨ Maina Kageni openly offers Anerlisa Muigai a shoulder to cry on

May 19, 2020 at 16:28
¨I will do anything...¨ Maina Kageni openly offers Anerlisa Muigai a shoulder to cry on

Anerlisa Muigai has been grieving for 2 weeks now, since the demise of her baby sister, Tecra and it is  nothing close to being easy for her.

Tecra left us on Saturday, 2nd May 2020, with the wind blowing off the last memory her family had of her while still alive.

Anerlisa has spent the time to mourn and appreciate the adorable personality her late sister was – a selfless individual who exhibited leadership skills from the word go.

Tecra (left) with sister, Anerlisa Muigai (right)

A space no one can fill and a scar so deep in the Nero company CEO´s heart, that only she can comprehend.

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On her recent post, Anerlisa expressed heartfelt gratitude to friends and fans for the kind support they had shown her and family at this time.

She penned:

We deeply appreciate your expression of sympathy ,your prayers and thoughts during the difficult time. 🙏🏻🌹🙏🏻

Keroche heiress, Anerlisa Muigai

Trying to put himself in the 32-year old´s shoes, radio personality Maina Kageni opened his arms to a grieving Anerlisa expressing:

@anerlisa God will provide the rock you need to rest upon…… Tecra is in a better place, of that no one can argue against….. if there´s anything you want me to do, I´m a phone call away….

To that, Ben Pol commented:


Tanzanian star, Ben Pol


Tecra Karanja was laid to rest on Saturday, 16th May 2020 in their home in Naivasha in what was termed a ´royal´ burial.

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In her tribute, her sister, Anerlisa penned:

When every single person had turned their backs on me, forsaken me, given up on me, or walked out of my life, you never left me. You never judged me or my life. Neither did you betray me. Now I don´t know how it is going to be without you because in so many ways I looked up to you more than you ever knew.

Sisters, Tecra Karanja (left) and Anerlisa Muigai (right)

This showed just how close the two and only sisters were, with words unsaid but actions and feelings forever to be cherished.


Her social media fam also came in to mourn the Keroche family´s significant, irreplaceable loss as well as hold Anerlisa´s hand as she overcame the pain.

miss_rasugu My condolences aner it shall be well we celebrate her .and her sweet memories will live through everyday God has everything taken care of


maxymize Here for each other always ❤️
lizweaveologist Hugs. May our good Lord comfort you and your family.

God is the anchor of our hearts. He promises that He is close to the broken hearted. Impart for you and family for strength and I want out to know dear that situations are not permanent. All the pain, the LORD will wash away

Pole Anerlisa Mungu akupe nguvu

kui_kim2 May God give you strength ❤️❤️
carygrao It is well.. may you find comfort and may she rest in eternal peace




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