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¨I´m in tears literally¨ Tanasha Donna confesses after being nominated for Best New Act Star Q awards

May 15, 2019 at 09:57
¨I´m in tears literally¨ Tanasha Donna confesses after being nominated for Best New Act Star Q awards

Tanasha Donna´s Radio jam has seen her video hit way past 1M views, get played on MTV, then Trace and now has seen her nominated for a major award and just can´t help it but breakdown into tears.

According to her this is all a ´blessing in disguise´.

She cannot seem to fathom how she just moved so fast up the ladder, and into an award nomination.

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¨Best new act star Q awards¨ is what she is now up for and for her, it is all God´s mighty hand.

The awards are in Uganda and South Africa.

The Kenyan model makes shocking revelation about the meaning of her name ´Tanasha´ that means ¨woman of God¨.

Did you know that?

The love

The Kenyan beauty queen´s jam ´Radio´ has received love from across the globe.

Tanasha Donna reveals that clubs in Abuja all the way to Dubai and right into Australia.

Let´s not mention kids singing along to it and showcasing their moves for the particular dancehall jam.

Well… it must be true that charts, the love and downloads Never lie!

The hate

The radio personality however expresses, that not all are going to be pleased with your work nor fully support you in what you do, but she wraps it all up saying Charts don lie.

Neither do the downloads, love and support.

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Don't study me, you won't graduate. 😘

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Funny bit is where she reveals that her Tanzanian boy from Tandale, Platinumz tells her that the hate will always be a blessing.

Diamond vows to ever support her and show her the way when she loses track as she expresses:

I´m blessed to have such a supportive loving hardworking man who treats me like a Queen.

Thank you God.

Additionally the ¨Radio¨ hitmaker bluffs how she handles the petty comments that come her way just by sitting back, laughing then thanking God for the blessings.

The Kenyan songbird concludes by revealing how close her relationship with God is, one that makes people think that she is ´nuts´.

With a caption whose video background is a breathtaking mansion, presumably in the bongo land, she captions:

Our family home❤

Tanasha Donna however confirms she is not done yet and asks fans to wait for #NAHEASY because she is not stopping any soon.



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