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¨In 13 years of marriage, we lost pregnancies and our loved ones¨ Pinky Ghelani shares

January 15, 2020 at 10:43
¨In 13 years of marriage, we lost pregnancies and our loved ones¨ Pinky Ghelani shares

Feisty media personality, Pinky Ghelani and her hubby celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary early this week but she opened up on countless miscarriages.

Opening up on Instagram, the ravishing beauty narrated what 13 years actually was like for her and her family:

We had 2 ceremonies; the traditional one in Makindu on the 12th and the registered wedding on the 13th.
I had no idea what can change in 13 years. We lost pregnancies, we lost his dad to cancer, mum had a stroke. We became parents and so so much more! There’s so much growth that occurs when you face the ups and downs of life together.

Amidst the tear, the grief, the darkness, the couple only bonded the more. Marriage is a blend of bitter and sweet, and Pinky Ghelani could not agree more.

However, the duo has come a long way and is still holding strong with laughter and tears.

We understand each other more. It’s not that we don’t fight, we do. But we also laugh a lot. There’s no secret or trick in staying married… I wouldn’t say there’s a method. So many of you have messaged to ask me.. but honestly.. there’s no one way in making a marriage work.

Her piece of advice to married couples is one:

You need to find your ebb and flow, you need to know yourself but most importantly you need to be happy…
Happy Anniversary @raj_sehmi ♥️

The comment section was filled with love as fans and followers congratulated the two for the commitment they made to each other and are still holding onto.

The former radio girl is married to hubby, Raj Sehmi and are blessed with two lovely children, Ariyana Raj Sehmi and Arian Didar Sehmi.

Pinky Ghelani with hubby, Raj Sehmi with their two children, Ariyana and Arian

Happy 13th anniversary to the loveydoveys!




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