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¨Kindly run a slideshow of the latest memes instead¨ fans rubbish Bahati´s new reality show before it even gets aired

May 17, 2019 at 08:59
¨Kindly run a slideshow of the latest memes instead¨ fans rubbish Bahati´s new reality show before it even gets aired

´Being Bahati´ show on NTV was one that sparked mixed reactions from fans, majority in dislike, others in love but Bahati unveils his new ´Bahati Reality´ show that has received worse reception.

Soon after it´s season finale, fans felt quite relieved with a heavy burden taken off their backs but hardly did we know.

This was news revealed by the local major broadcaster for his show, NTV, disclosing:

The show´s season premiere is expected to kick off this Saturday, 18th of May as from 7:30 pm.


However, before it even gets aired, fans believe it is just a waste of time and resources both from NTV, Bahati himself as well as to the audience at large.

They actually rubbish it off with comments suggesting:

Si mrudie tu news


We are tired of Bahati. Get other meaningful shows to air. rubbish


That’s great. Coincides with the day I stop watching NTV.


We r together.. ..ntv should find a meaningful program.. Am not watching

This con artist has renewed the and now he thinks this one is different.????
Tell him to find something else important to do other than show us this old granny
That’s why I stick to Netflix and YouTube..
Please better you do replays of “living in the trap house”
What is the objective of this show.. How do benefit.. Wat message does this show help the jobless youth
I’m sure many are ashamed that you rejected Nairobi Diaries only to welcome the story of the con and his old wife.
It’s called standards, and lacks it.
Do you lack anything else to air that show is rubbish
Are you guys serious airing this show?
Kindly run a slideshow of the latest memes instead of this set-book-drama like show.
“For this one I promise to sit on my TV and watch my sofa…”





  1. If you don’t like the show,tune out in record numbers,the ratings will drop and the show will stop being aired because of low ratings when the show is on.That’s how to do it

  2. People you should stop hating on bahati…if you don’t want to watch him tuñe to citizen

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