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¨My mum is my forever Valentine…¨ Adelle Onyango sweetly honors late mother

February 14, 2020 at 11:49
¨My mum is my forever Valentine...¨ Adelle Onyango sweetly honors late mother

Yes, it is the 14th of February, but as many make merry, others can only tell of memories.

Renowned radio Queen, Adelle Onyango took the day to commemorate her late mother – to whom Valentine´s Day meant so much.

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Just 16, Adelle fell in love and her mom got worried because that meant she had been replaced come the ¨Lover´s Day¨.

Adelle Onyango tells of how dear Valentine´s day was to her mum

It ran deep, felt so real, yet so tear-jerking coming from a mum to her daughter and the media personality had to have decide.

This came in form of flowers, a card and chocolates for her dear mother.

I was 16 when I got into my first “serious” relationship and I remember my late mum asked me if that meant she wasn’t my valentines anymore – every valentines I’d give her flowers/card/chocos.⁣

Media personality, Adelle Onyango

There was NEVER going to be a replacement of her mother´s position in her life and Adelle said ´NO´ to her lover.

Anyway I said no because she’s my forever valentine.‬ ‪I really miss her 💔‬⁣

As she dedicates the day to her late mom, the 31-year old media girl, sends heartfelt love, her mother´s way.

And I really love this pic mainly because we’re holding hands!

Adelle Onyango sweetly celebrates late mum




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