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¨No f*cks given!!!¨ Magix Enga fires back at TID, calls him gay

November 29, 2019 at 12:59
¨No f*cks given!!!¨ Magix Enga fires back at TID, calls him gay

Beat King, Magix Enga has responded to TID´s insulting remarks where he called him a ´kijana mdogo´. Enga now called TID gay.

The Kenyan veteran beat master shared a screenshot of a post by KISS 100 from Twitter, that read:

@magix_enga has disrespected us so much. Young man take care – TID

Magix Enga then commented:

Tag whoever this guy is and tell him no fucks given 👑 Na Comments Za Matusi nikama zimepungua 🤔 Mwambieni Boss Atume Bundles #TAKECARE 😂😂 sounds gay ✌️ Twa Twa

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✌️ #Kale

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According to the ¨Twa Twa¨ producer, whoever this TID guy is, Enga cares less about him.

Fueling the flame further, the Kenyan producer urged TID´s followers to ask him to keep sending them airtime so that they can keep launching attacks on Enga.

And to fully light up the bonfire, Enga made fun of TID´s sexuality, claiming ¨TID sounds gay¨. Then the viral phrase ¨Twa Twa¨ closed in.

Magix Enga responds to Tanzania´s TID





  1. TID aache kuchokora beef na wasanii wa kenya .afuate lake linalomuhusu.lisilomuhusu anyamaze tuu.

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