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¨Rubbish programme!¨ Kenyans sick and tired of Bahati´s Reality show

February 12, 2020 at 09:25
¨Rubbish programme!¨ Kenyans sick and tired of Bahati´s Reality show

The Bahati Reality Show seems to be a complete showstopper to the Kenyan audience when it comes to future episodes of the same.

Something that might not only negatively impact the singer´s brand but the local TV station – NTV – that is broadcasting it.

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Kenyans have since the show´s debut, expressed disgust over the show not just for a pure display of affluence, pride and consistent drama, but for what many have termed ¨fake reality¨.

Bahati Reality show is a complete turn off for many

Masses are not anywhere close to being convinced that what actually happens before the cameras is what actually goes on in real life.

A show dubbed ´Reality´ but in actuality, very far from any of it.

Many believe the Gospel star brews more drama into the programme, just to attract ratings and views on You Tube, caring less about the audience.

Bahati Reality out for ratings and numbers on You Tube

It has been a long decry from the local audience to the station, to terminate the show otherwise they will boycott it for good.


Here are some of the wild reactions from Kenyans.




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