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¨She doesn´t look herself¨ Chantal´s one woman birthday show stirs mixed reactions

May 27, 2019 at 11:20
¨She doesn´t look herself¨ Chantal´s one woman birthday show stirs mixed reactions

Eric Omondi´s rib-cum-ex, Chantal spent her birthday in his absence by dedicating flowers for herself that didn´t augur too well with fans.

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How is your day going? 😘

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Friday, the 24th of May, the beauty shares a short clip of herself flaunting the flowers before she giggles:

Happy Birthday… to me!

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Birthday girl🌺🎂

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Chantal Julliet Grazioli is used to birthdays filled with pomp and color from her now ex, Eric Omondi with whom they´ve dated for 4 years.

The popular Kenyan comedian graced the Italian beauty with luxury and class, a couple fans never saw crumbling down one day.

Well, at some point, the beauty was up on a billboard, proof from Eric of how much he treasures her.

If anyone is to recall, Chanty´s 2018 birthday saw her treated to royalty with horses to lift her high up, dressed in sparkling white gown.


Eric Omondi´s bond with Chantal had him crowned one of Kenya´s most romantic celebrities with girls thirsting for him.

However, just last week, it was all no more!


Her fans however, sarcastically wish her the very best commenting:

Happy Birthday Chanty..,.sahii ungekua kwa billboard… Lakini bora maisha


Who else is scrolling looking for Eric s comment 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 he is not even following her anymore


Happy birthday miss Chanty, my prayers to see you and Erick back together


@mo_maasa no way. It won’t work. Some girls just don’t deserve some material love, chanty is one of them.. Eric should just fine a fine Kenyan girl and marry. This billboard love was nkt, wacha tu..


@mo_maasa chanty never loved @ericomondi .. She just wanted to use him


Happy birthday lakini . ulichoma 🔥

Enyewe this break up is real, if Eric hasn’t said nor done anything about your birthday..
Hbd shemeji. Bado wewe ni wetu😂😂
I am happy u are strong gal,i know ur break up wasnt easy as much as u put it in the public
@teswanjiku she doesnt look herself.What we were used to when Erico was there.She looks minus something.Face can tell she only be trying to smile to show she is okey.She isnt
I feel tge break up between this to hurting me.i hate to see love fade away
Hey looking good chanty happy bday
Erico hana nguvu wala uwezo😃😃 hbd kwako
@laureenlorain 👉👉👉, watch your mouth when its come to erico wetu okay.!
Hope Mtaliano hajakuchanganya akili ukatudumpia brother yetu. Tutakukujia by force😁
I guess it would be courteous enough to wish the beauty a happy 24th!




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