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¨Stop seducing my husband in his DMs!¨ Queen Darleen warns

January 14, 2020 at 13:17
¨Stop seducing my husband in his DMs!¨ Queen Darleen warns

WCB´s first lady, Queen Darleen has sent a word of caution to ladies hitting her husband´s DM to seduce him.

The Tanzanian musician who married her hubby, Isihaka Mtori in December 2019, said then, that she has no problem if her man marries up to four wives.

However, seems like ladies took this message literally and decided to hit her billionaire of a husband´s DM to try their luck.

Queen Darleen married the love of her life in December 2019.

Since she is one who has access to her husband´s DMs, Darleen warned ladies against inboxing him and especially sending him nudes.

When I started posting my husband on social media, people started DMing him. So my advice is, if you have to inbox him, please stop sending nude photos. I go through his DM and I reply them. They are so stubborn but if he wants he can marry even four wives.

WCB´s first lady, Queen Darleen

As previously stated by her father, Mzee Abdhul Juma, the Islam religion allows a man to marry up to four wives.




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