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¨Such a hypocrite mother-in-law!¨ fans attack Mama Dangote for her children´s failed relationships and her cheating Ben 10

June 24, 2019 at 09:34
¨Such a hypocrite mother-in-law!¨ fans attack Mama Dangote for her children´s failed relationships and her cheating Ben 10

Mama Dangote seems happier than ever for her son and girlfriend, Tanasha Donna but fans query her role in her children´s failed relationships and so is her´s.

Diamond Platinumz´ mother, Sandra Kassim assures her support to her star of a son as he is set to wed his Kenyan lover, Tanasha Donna pretty soon.

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My friend..Naseeb kichwaa 🦁💞

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Sandra seems quite happy for his son after settling with his current girlfriend, Tanasha Donna whom is now heavily pregnant with the bongo artist´s child.

The Kenyan commercial model is currently spending in the bongo land, with the couple having been spotted partying together with her female cousin.

It is all merry-making for the duo, before their small family gets flocked with little ones.

Mama Dangote could not hold back the joy in her after sharing a photo of her son and Tanasha captioning:


This comes not so long ago before Chibu captioned the Kenya-Tanzania couple as ¨young humble and rich couple¨.


The post is not welcomed by fans, who instead bash the woman for her son´s split marriages as well as her own Ben 10 who is having babies out of wedlock.

No way his just a mother fuck! Who fucked zari pregnances and run away from responsiblities. He is a loser!!

A father of four kids calling himself young 😂😂😂 stupid confusion and fame is all I see
Are you trying to say the other babies mamas were not young, loved and humble?
 This woman is also confused herself. Her daughter Esma was left with her husband, she herself her husband has prego another lady. I just don’t get this family 😳😳😳
And you sound bothered and dumb, hii family sio ya kuitetea hata kidogo, juu wanatumia wasichana wa watu vibaya, ss hapa anamfumbia Zari kwa nini.
zari will remain zari…. ooooh and kingbae is officially living in her house 🤣🤣🤣🤣….. just give that advise to the owner of this page. And btw when you get to Zari’s age remind me to get your husband a young childless girl 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Wewe bado unamuda wakati kiben10 wako anagawa sperms huko Inje?
Meanwhile ur young man has a kid
Mtenda hutendewa alitendewa zari leo umetendewa wewe
U once did this for mama tee but yabuuka u are such a hypocrite mother in law so tanasha should be careful go baby sit your step kid😂😂😂
When someone says son of a bitch it really applies to you
Young means wat stupid




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