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¨Tame your attitude!¨ Kalekye Mumo´s tweet sparks online debate

November 29, 2019 at 11:51
¨Tame your attitude!¨ Kalekye Mumo´s tweet sparks online debate

Bubbly media personality, Kalekye Mumo has called out ´jobless´ Kenyans who wake up every day to start DM influencers in the job market, to get them any job – they can do anything.

Thursday, the 28th of November 2019, the entrepreneur got hold of her tabloid, ranting:

Don´t go inboxing & Dming people who you think have made it or have some sort of influence ´get me a job, any job´ SELL YOURSELF. Why should anyone help you? What are your strengths & in this economy can you not do it on your own? NOBODY LEGIT woke up like this. We worked for it!

Kalekye Mumo rants on Twitter

Her point was; people should toil for what they get because this is a free world but not of free things.

So Kenyans got back at her, some lauding her post, others asking her to keep her sentiments to herself, now that she has already ´made it´ in life.


We understand it(sometimes out of desperation you ask for help, any help) …that person looks at you as a mentor. You just took a gun and pulled the trigger on his/her last hope!…be nice we all need help despite making it or having influence


Just because you are lucky and blessed to have a job.Do not assume that other people lack jobs because they they don’t hustle for were helped at some point in life.dont run it in people.


Kalekye usijali ata mimi nilikuwa na fikiria kama wewe but niligrow up kidogo and became a little wiser,wacha tu nikuambia kuna vitu zenye ukiwa ontop of the mountain huwezi elewa until ushuke chini kwa valley, n especially in this economy watu wana need help


Amidst the rage witnessed with this post, I AGREE with your sentiments. A job seeker should sell themselves by mentioning their education credentials, experience and core skills and any key job accomplishments. Saying you just need a job, any job is a No No No.


What makes you think you have made it??? That person all she/he needs is some hope or words of encouragement. Why can’t you answer them kwa DM in stead of sun drying them kwa timeline??? Tame your attitude


Saidia watu na uache kulalamika


Kiburi ya pesa ndo inafanya uongee hivi!?


Wau!! people out here work hard, study, are creative but opportunity is scarce or appears only to those that are known. So if someone dm and you can help, pls HELP @GMONEYizME has helped more than 2 ppl i know thru dm we kama hutaki kusaidia nyamaza #KOTLoyals #Thursday


Shame on you!


Umeacha akili wapi leo?


There is no pain in passing down the ladder as you climb up. Punguza kiburi

It goes on and one but Kenyans are furious at her for displaying ´her pride´.

Letting off the steam on Instagram, Kalekye wrote:

Soooo I tweeted this advise to anyone looking for a public figure to get them a job and it’s caused a whole fiasco…. #TeamKalekye on IG do you get it? Or are you also offended and assuming I have jobs I’m holding back & being rude coz “I have it” whatever IT is??? 🤔🤔🤔 Look at this way: Have you ever shot your shot at a stranger and the only line your line you came up with was “Hi, can you be my boyfriend/ girlfriend?” 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ How did that work for you? So what’s different here?
Hit me up on the comments, let me know what you think.

P.S also I am not the government I got no jobs to offer & it’s not my fault there are none





  1. God above..he gives and takes..iyo siku ikufikiapo..utajua hujui.tame your attitude..nkt!

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