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¨Tanasha is the one who chose the name Naseeb for her son¨ Mama Dangote reveals

November 28, 2019 at 12:00
¨Tanasha is the one who chose the name Naseeb for her son¨ Mama Dangote reveals

Naseeb Junior remains the talk of town for as long as the spotlight still shines on him. Too young to even understand what is going on around him but the world knows him much better than some of us who have been around longer.

That is how life goes. Anyway, little Samba has been officially introduced to us and the world is calm. However, there is much about him that is yet to be explained.

His grandmother, Mama Dangote sought to clarify on a couple of the pending questions.

First, Tanasha was apparently the mind behind her son´s name ¨Naseeb¨.

Tanasha is the one who chose the name Naseeb because the baby was born on the same day as his dad.

Well, having shared a birth date with his father and bearing the same name, does it make Naseeb Junior more important to Sandra, than Diamond´s other kids?

Different? I have not noticed that. All are equal to me. (Tofauti? Ahhh sijachunguza. Wote ni sawa tu.)

For baby Simba´s career, Sandra speculates:

Maybe he will be an entertainer. Seeing as both his parents are in the music business.

Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna holding onto their baby boy, Naseeb Junior

Funny enough, music might just be his thing, because every time he is unsettled, his father´s music studios does the trick.

When he is crying and he is taken to the father´s studio, and hears Lizer´s music [Wasafi´s producer], he keeps quiet and eventually calms down and even falls asleep.

Naseeb 40

We are well aware that the ¨Naseeb 40¨ event that went down on Tuesday was not really 40 days since his birth and this is why:

The dad [Diamond] was busy at work when Naseeb turned 40 days old. We still celebrated and slaughtered a goat on the day. We waited till he made time and we are doing an even bigger celebration. As you have noticed, we are not doing it over the weekend but on a weekday because all weekends, he is booked.

Esma Platnumz gracefully carries her nephew, Naseeb Junior as his parents watch closely from behind





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