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¨The breakup was so tough, I sought mental therapy¨ Maureen Waititu opens up

January 10, 2020 at 11:04
¨The breakup was so tough, I sought mental therapy¨ Maureen Waititu opens up

Kenyan YouTuber, Maureen Waititu has spoken up on seeking mental therapy to overcome her grief, following her bitter split with baby daddy, Frankie.

It clocks six months since the Internet couple-YouTubers split and it has not been anything easy for the media sensation.

Former Internet couple-YouTubers, Maureen Waititu and Frankie

Speaking openly in regard to the pain she suffered, the mother of two insisted:

Get up and seek help. I went to see a psychologist and a psychiatrist, and I´ve been doing well. It´s not a secret that I broke up with my ex about six months ago and it was so tough. I remember not being able to know how to react.

Basing on her social media updates, the beauty seems to have gotten over the pain long time ago but she reveals it is the journey of acceptance that made her heal.

Break up or grief is a process. I trusted it an that´s why I look like I have healed but I have not rushed it. You will have denial, anger, crazy, negotiation and acceptance and go back and forth until the process finishes what it started so you can be better.

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Sharing this on her YouTube channel, the TV host and social media influencer went ahead to forewarn against the dangers of holding it in, before it explodes.

There are people who get broken and stay in denial forever and it comes back to haunt them.





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