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¨This is your second child without dowry payment¨ Diana Marua´s family demand dowry from Bahati

June 19, 2019 at 12:51
¨This is your second child without dowry payment¨ Diana Marua´s family demand dowry from Bahati

Diana Marua and hubby, Bahati are expecting a second child together but according to Diana´s family, Bahati needs to pay up dowry first.

During their reality show on NTV, Diana´s family angrily demand to see Bahati.

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Where is Bahati? Are you hiding him? We have come all the way from Kisumu and we came to see him.

We are very angry.

They disclose Bahati´s failure to pay up on the necessary dowry, having taken Diana as his wife and already siring more children.

This is your second child and Bahati promised to come pay dowry and he did not.

We want dowry. Don’t combine efforts with your man so that he does not pay dowry.

We have been sent by the elders.


The family fails to understand what the two are cooking because it seems it won´t be long before a third belly pops up.

This is the second child and the 3rd and 4th one will come before we receive anything.

However, an upset Diana shouts back:

This is my house and you are being disrespectful.

If there is a problem let us sit down and talk about it.

How do you know that Bahati has not paid my dowry?

What elders have sent you?

Unfortunately, Bahati was not anywhere close to the premises and it is clear Diana was finding it challenging to address the situation.

Fortunate enough, Bahati´s brother was in vicinity and came to Diana´s rescue slamming the family and asking them to keep off.

After all, as far as he was aware, dowry had been paid upfront, long time.

How are women involved in the dowry process? [he asks]

We finished the dowry process with the elders if there is anything remaining let the elders come themselves.

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