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¨Vile anavolia, unatamani uchukue ule uchungu wake, umsaidie tu kidogo¨ Esma Platnumz narrates Tanasha´s birth experiences

October 18, 2019 at 10:36
¨Vile anavolia, unatamani uchukue ule uchungu wake, umsaidie tu kidogo¨ Esma Platnumz narrates Tanasha´s birth experiences

The Dangotes have to get used to responding to masses every time something pops up. Especially when it concerns baby Simba.

East Africa is close to a stand still after Tanasha´s successful delivery of a baby boy whose physical looks have triggered lots of questions among the public.

So now in an attempt to clarify on a couple of things in regard to the same, Wasafi FM approached Esma Platnumz for an exclusive interview and she reveals a chunk.

First is the baby´s curly hair that doesn´t seem to click right, with fact that both parents are of African origin.

Esma however admits that first, the kid has lots of hair which according to her are of a half-cast. But for the curliness, she believes most kids are born like that and only time can tell.

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Ka nani haka kwani!!?…

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Adding fact that Tanasha´s father is of Italian origin and probably why her baby has curly hair.

However, it gets greasy when we put in mind that the baby´s skin came out extremely pale, seemingly a half-cast and that raised eyebrows.

For Esma, she admits that baby Simba is a copyright of Diamond Platnumz therefore it didn´t worry them as a family, per say.

Pointing out that they have similar lips, and even their sleeping style is just the same. Saying that the baby´s characteristics are basically similar to those of Platnumz.

Exact birth dates

Away from that, let´s get to trolls about how Naseeb and his son just share the same birth date. How?

Esma rubbishes claims that the pregnancy dates were planned because she doesn´t understand how one can manipulate a baby´s birth yet it is something very natural.

We unapangaje mtoto azaliwe lini? Ina maana pia ile mimba ilivyoingia, pia wewe uliipanga – nataka ii mimba miezi flani, mpaka ikifika miezi flani, huyu mtoto azaliwe. Uchungu unakuja tu na si ati walimforci uchungu uingie, kwanza siku zake zilipitiliza na ni wiki zilipitiliza za mtoto kutoka. Uchungu umemshika asubuhi. Baba mtu usiku ndio ikawa birthday yake. Mtoto kazaliwa saa saba. Unampangaje mtoto? Yaani mi ata sielewi. Ni ujinga tu watu wanapenda sana kuongelea, nalafu watu wanapenda sana kufuatilia mambo ya watu.

Tanasha´s delivery

Wasafi FM´s reporter went ahead to inquire about how Tanasha´s delivery experience was, considering it was her first.

We ought to remember that at the time of delivery, Tanasha was away from her next of kin, since she was in Tanzania, therefore with only her in-laws. Even her mother wasn´t present.

Ukishakua na uchungu, hujielewi, kwasabu unakua akili zinaruka.

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23:17 🧜🏽‍♀️ Night ya’l

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For her, she can´t tell of her birth experiences but when she saw Tanasha´s pain just before delivery, Esma understood how much mothers go through just before giving birth.

Tulikua tunamsubiria uchungu, anavolia, anavofanya, mpaka unajiskia vibaya, unaona maskini mtoto wa watu. Tuko na sisi, hamna upande wake, so tulikua tunaomba sana. Unajua ilifikia kipindi kuna kitu kama kiliniingia hivi. Yaani vile anavolia, unatamani tu uchukue ule uchungu wake kidogo, umsaidie tu kidogo. So nilienda sehemu ya mapumziko, nilikaa, niliomba sana.






  1. ¨Vile anavolia, unatamani uchukue ule uchungu wake, umsaidie tu kidogo¨ Esma Platnumz narrates Tanasha´s birth experiences – Kenyan Digest : October 18, 2019 at 11:50 pm

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