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¨Why is everyone cheating?¨ Kamene and Kibe narrate their scandals

February 20, 2020 at 09:39
¨Why is everyone cheating?¨ Kamene and Kibe narrate their scandals

KISS 100´s controversial pair, Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe decided to open up on their cheating/cheated on scandals and how sore they ended.

Speaking during The Morning Kiss show on Wednesday, Kibe initiated:

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I´ve told you how once, I took my granddad and dad to church and as the pastor was going through the process, he asked, if anyone has had infidelity in their marriage or relationship to come forward. So if today the measure of your relationship was if you are cheating or not, would you still stay?

Andrew Kibe opens up on his cheating scandals

Further revealing:

I got a lot of inboxes during the Valentines period of people asking why their partners are cheating. Why is everyone cheating?

Thinking about ´cheating´ and its prevalence in the current day and age, Kibe decided to share his own story.

Let us call her Purity. So she was still staying at her parent´s house till some hours. So one day, my phone had a problem. Purity decided to help me with her old phone. Please remember I have Purity but I had another girl, Stephlon who is in campus. I give Steph money but as for Purity, she foots the bill. I stayed with the borrowed phone for two weeks then I cleaned up and erased all the dirt.

Unfortunately, none of that spared his cheating consequences.

Sadly, this phone had a section for ´deleted messages´. The conversations in that folder was so lit you could tell I was copy-pasting my story to both ladies. Now the problem was not that I cheated, the problem according to Purity, is the was my game was so similar with both.

I was copy-pasting my story to both ladies – Andrew Kibe confesses

Co-host, Kamene freely advised him just to stay away from the game.

You are not for cheating, this game is not for you. People are getting busted in the puniest of ways. I busted my husband and said it was the devil. Cheating men will do it all but miss just one sign. It is like killing someone you have hidden the body for a while, buried it, but left one hand out.


The previously married beauty also narrated her hubby´s cheating ordeal.

So we had gone to a pool party. He was thrown in the pool in the midst of this fun and he had his phone in his pocket. It was Sunday and it was a public holiday so Monday was a holiday, long weekend. The next day we put his phone in rice but it was already dead. He put his sim card in, then the phone was hanging so I told him to let me delete my old messages. As I am clearing, other messages keep coming in. I mean I am here trying to help my baby boo.

My husband´s phone was dead and I tried helping him with mine – Kamene opens up

Only for it all to blow up on her face.

In the last bundle, I see a string of messages from a girl called ´Rufus´ saying ´Babe are you okay?´, asking if he got a phone. This means she was at the pool party because he did not have a phone. I didn´t say anything. I handed over the phone stood up and left the room.

In his defense:

He started shouting ´no no no, babe it´s not me, it is the devil´.

The day Kamene Goro nabbed her husband cheating

Kibe could not agree more with Kamene, on the destruction cheating scandals cause to the villain.

The devil works his way. These cheaters need to be exposed. How are you in a relationship and cheating? You are the devil himself. For me just do not stay committed and cheat. Be single and do your thing. That way you do not need to hurt anyone.




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