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10 Kenyan online comedians that we can’t get enough of

September 03, 2020 at 22:30
10 Kenyan online comedians that we can't get enough of

One of the things that has kept me entertained during this self-isolation period is the skits that are made by Kenyan online comedians. When I’m free, I spend many hours watching then and before I know it, the day has ended.

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Even when I’m not free, they help me get through the day. If I get a minute, I stalk my favourite comedians on their social media pages to see whether they have uploaded any new content.

I know many of you are who are reading this article can relate. However, other can not so I decided to make a list of Kenyan online comedians whose content I really enjoy in no particular order.

Here they are:

1. Crazy Kennar – If you’re an avid social media user I am sure you know Kennedy Odhiambo, alias Crazy Kennar. He is so funny. I spoke to him some time back and he told me that he is the content cartel and to be honest, he is.

2. Flaqo Raz – I recently discovered this guy’s real name is Erastus Ayieko Otieno because he looks like a Kevin or a Brian. Anyway, he also makes some dope skits that will definitely leave you on the floor.

3. Cartoon Comedian – Some of you might know this lass because she often appeared on Churchill Raw, some of you might have no clue who she is but you should definitely check out her content if you want to have a good laugh.

4. Mark Mwas – He does skits about high school or college experiences that I am sure many of you can relate with. You’ll even wonder if ever high school or college is exactly the same.

5. Seth Gor – This lad has been making comic skits for sometime alongside Sharon Mwangi and George Kimani and the truth is that they are absolutely hilarious.

6. Blessed Tugi – He is so funny. If you thought Njugush is bonkers then you should meet his son. You know that common saying that an apple does not fall far from the tree, I have never found a place to apply it better than here.

7. Mammito – She is without a doubt the funniest female comedian in Kenya. She is just naturally funny. I always on her Instagram page because I want to be among the first people to see her content.

8. YY – This guy who was once a regular on Churchill Show also makes some short skits which are so hilarious. You start watching one of his videos and you just can’t stop.

9. Brendah Jons – this lady is popularly known as Mama Kingston is also very funny. Her skits always put a smile on my face.

10. Eric Omondi – Of course this would not be complete without naming the president of comedy in Africa, would it? This guy has always been funny and will always be.


Honorable mentions: DJ Shiti, Njugush, Mulamwah, Alex Mathenge, Shiru Filliper, Victor Naman, Sammie Kioko, Shigwan Shiqo, Henry Desagu, Terrence Creative, Natalie Githinji, Alpha Mwana Mtule and Chebet Ronoh.




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