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Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime addresses dating rumors with Yemi Alade

September 11, 2019 at 12:05
Sauti Sol's Bien Aime addresses dating rumors with Yemi Alade

Sauti Sol’s Bien is rumored to be dating Nigerian Afropop singer, Yemi Alade, and has now opened up on their kind of marriage.

Up and close with Tanzania’s Clouds FM, Bien did not entirely deny the rumors articulating that in one way or another, it’s like he has married Yemi.

Yemi Alade and Sauti Sol’s band member, Bien Aime Baraza

This is because he has married an Igbo girl from Nigeria and since Yemi is partly from the same tribe, she’s like a sister.

But funny thing is how he thanks Tanzanians for holding him in such high regard urging them to never let him fall.

Yemi is like my sister, She is my bestie. My grandmother is a Nigerian I married an Igbo girl and also Yemi is an Igbo so I married Yemi. But I’m so thankful to Tanzanians for keeping me a street boy. So I can be seen by Yemi and where I can be out with Yemi. Thank you. Don’t put me down.


These rumors sparked after Bien admitted that he is the one who wrote the Swahili version to Yemi Alade’s hit Na Gode.

A version created due to the popular demand of it by East African music lovers and fans and has been no disappointment.

Currently on You Tube, it has garnered well over 5 Million views, pretty closely to 6 Million views. And 2.9K plus comments.

Bien Aime Baraza went down on one knee in February this year for his 4-years plus girlfriend, Chiki Kuruka.





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