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Adelle Onyango makes massive radio comeback

May 04, 2020 at 09:00
Adelle Onyango makes massive radio comeback

Renowned Kenyan radio queen, Adelle Onyango has shifted gears, pouncing back in the radio industry through her podcast, Legally Clueless.

Legally Clueless was birthed after she called it quits at KISS FM in March 2019 and barely an year later, it is breaking the glass ceiling.

In conjunction with Trace FM, her podcast is set to play every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as at 9 am. This is as from the 4th of May – today.

Breaking the news of her syndicated show, the award-winning media personality admitted that this was indeed a dream come true for her ever since 2014.

My podcast #LegallyClueless will now also play on TRACE FM every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 9AM starting the 4TH OF MAY!⁣
This is so exciting because I’ve wanted a syndicated show since 2014…

Adelle’s new syndicated show

She further discloses that the main focus of her upcoming show is to give Africans a platform to freely air their voice.

…and it means more Africans get to hear & tell their own stories on the show!!⁣ It marks a shift in how Africans consume, create and interact with audio content.


I’m so excited! #LegallyClueless on TRACE FM starting this Monday!

Through Legally Clueless, the social activist documents her raw human journey as an evolving unapologetically African woman.

Media personality, Adelle Onyango

The podcast is a space where people get to know just how okay it is to not know or not have it all figured out.

It is also a space where Africans share stories from their lives, regardless.


Adelle becomes the first African to have a syndicated podcast.

A partnership that targets to give Africans the privilege to hear stories they can easily relate with and share their own stories too.

The celebrated media personality revealed that the collaboration, cemented her love and admiration of the African brand as a whole, the more.

To be able to partner with a brand that is just as passionate as I am about Africa in terms of our voices, culture and people is amazing, and this will be a powerful journey for us as Africans.

Adelle Onyango

“At Trace, we believe in the power of African stories told and inspired by Africans,” Danny Mucira, Trace Eastern Africa MD stated.


Hence, this partnership was a no-brainer for us.

Adelle’s major impact on empowerment of African Women and youth stands unshaken. Something that has won her numerous International awards.




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