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14 transactions made easy by MCo-op Cash app from the Co-operative Bank

December 15, 2017 at 15:43
14 transactions made easy by MCo-op Cash app from the Co-operative Bank

Tired of queuing in the banking halls? Co-operative Bank’s MCo-op Cash got you sorted. Paying KPLC, DStv, KRA Tax and Insurance can all be done through your phone if you have MCo-op Cash app.

For starters, MCo-op Cash is a mobile banking service app from the Co-operative bank that enables you to access your Co-op Bank accounts on mobile phone platform.

MCo-op Cash makes it possible for you to bank anytime and anywhere without necessarily going to the bank to do your transactions.

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Accessing MCo-op Cash is as easy as dialing *667# or via the MCo-op Cash App.

14 transactions possible on MC0-op Cash

With MC0-op Cash, you can do 14 things via your phone that you would have gone to the banking hall to do.

Below are the services you can access with MCo-op Cash:
1. Save money

2. Apply and pay for a loan at 1.16% interest rate

3. Send money from your account to another MCo-op Cash Account, Co-op Bank Account or SACCO Account

4. Send money from your bank account to other mobile money services, for example, M-PESA

5. Withdraw money at a Co-op Agent or Co-op ATM

6. Transfer money to and from your Co-op Account or SACCO Account

7. Buy airtime for any mobile number from your bank account

8. Pay bills, for example, KPLC, DStv, KRA Tax and Insurance

9. Pay for goods and services

10. Pay fees, for example, school fees or rent

11. Check your account balance or get a statement

12. Buy, sell or transfer shares

13. Activate SMS alerts for debits and credits

14. Checking balance: you can use your MCo-op Cash to check your account balance.


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