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Lillian Muli pours out her heart to Farida Karoney in an emotional post

October 23, 2017 at 14:05
Lillian Muli pours out her heart to Farida Karoney in an emotional post

Citizen anchor Lillian Muli has opened up about the people who nurtured her talent while she was still a novice. Lillian singled out Farida Karoney in her post.

For starters, Farida Karoney is the Chief Operating Officer at Royal Media Services. Karoney is a seasoned journalist who has worked for top media houses in Kenya.

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Farida Karoney

Farida Karoney gives Lillian Muli first chance to shine

Lillian Muli says she wanted to be a journalist from the word go. She reveals that Farida Karoney gave her the first chance to be a journalist when she sent her video demo.

“Once upon a time I used to spend hours before a mirror talking to myself Pretending to read the news or posing as a reporter on location. I wanted so bad to be a journalist…I saw a newspaper ad and sent a video demo to Farida Karoney at NTV to be honest I didn’t think anyone would watch it but she did ( I’m sure she doesn’t remember) I was called for a screen test I was only 19; I was pre-selected together with others I didn’t make the final three though,” wrote Lillian in part.

Lillian Muli

The Citizen TV anchor thanked Karoney and all other people who played a pivotal role in her career. Lillian further says she still has more to achieve even when it looks like she’s at the pinnacle of journalism.

“A couple of years later i met Farida again at KTN as an intern…this time i made it after the screen test. I look back and I’m so grateful to every one who believed in me…so many people held my hand and I will never forget. I’m still dreaming I have so much more to achieve IJN…Your dream is never too big or ambitious. #Blessed #grateful #humbledheart”






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  2. How old is Muli,been seeing her for years

  3. Zuberi Hamadi : October 23, 2017 at 3:07 pm

    All the best Lilian, you look lovely

  4. All looking beautiful

  5. Vivian Mwangi : October 23, 2017 at 3:15 pm

    Keep up the good job Muli

  6. Kudos my favorite news anchor

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  13. Seven years back I used to spend the whole day from Masaai Village in South B slums walking in the streets of nairobi to Westlands Radio Africa’s owned stations, Royal Media Service 6.2 KM from city usiulize kutoka south b!, Radio Maisha, KTN, Capital fm looking for internship not once or twice severally! I wanted so bad to be a journalist…. Later I dropped my CV at ATG Radio n KBC, I was called by then Kyalo Juma and instead intervened to be posted at Coast under KNA where I trained for six months at taita taveta and lamu county respectfully. To be honest I thought nobody thinks of shabbily boy like Aron but moment from lamu I got a call from ATG Radio Managing Director Mr. Godfrey Machuka by then news editor ( I am sure he may not recall) I was called for interview, I was preselected together with other three but eventually I sailed to be senior n political reporter. I sincerely thank Godfrey Machuka from the bottom of my heart for nurturing me and all other people who played a pivotal role to nature my career being a parliamentary reporter it’s not a joke. I am still matching to achieve more even when it looks like…..#Blessings #Grateful #Humbledheart

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