‘2 Boys & 2 Girls’-Vera Sidika Speaks On Siring More Babies With Brown Mauzo

Vera Sidika and her hubby Brown Mauzo have been the best parents for baby Asia. So far, so good. Their palpable parenting is evident as they have shown extreme love and how much their first born daughter means to them; especially to Vera, who claims she is the only girl at their home. Siring a baby daughter was such a huge blessing to fill that gap.

While raising a kid is believed to be strenuous & time consuming, it has been the easiest of tasks to Vera; who claims it’s the best thing that has ever happened to her. She has placed her daughter on a pedestal by compelling us to believe she does everything right.

More Babies Coming Soon

On the flipside, her husband is also over the moon and even composed a song dedicated to Vera for giving her a daughter. He’s actually close to their daughter more than Vera. And the two sweethearts are planning to have more.

Through a successful CS (caesarian section), Vera Sidika has now divulged the number of babies she’s planning to have; through an Instagram Q&A with her fans.

”Honestly honestly I want 4????. Hopefully 2 boys and 2 girls. That way Asia has a sister and 2 bros. And future son has a brother & 2 sisters. Such a good balance. We Were 3 & I was the only girl. I was so hurt growing up with no sister????”

Despite opening up on the number of kids they want Vera and Mauzo are yet to hold a wedding to officiate their union as husband & wife.

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