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5 annoying things that made Pierra Makena decide to sue Mishi Dorah

January 31, 2018 at 08:48
5 annoying things that made Pierra Makena decide to sue Mishi Dorah

It turns out Pierra Makena did not body shame Mishi Dorah like she claimed. The sultry DJ has decided to take legal action to settle a matter.

The bootyful Nairobi Diaries actress defamed Pierra without confirming whether the person who body shamed her on WhatsApp group was indeed Pierra Makena.

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Pierra Makena has revealed the things that pushed her to file a lawsuit against Mishi Dorah. She noted 5 things in particular:

1. The phone number used to body shame Mishi Dorah is not hers

2. She has never met Mishi Dorah or have any beef with her

3. She has never body shammed any woman

4. Mishi Dorah dragged her child and baby daddy on her vile Instagram post

5. Mishi Dorah refused to apologize to her

Those who know me know that it was not me

“IF my accuser had done a little digging then she could have found out that I was not the owner of the number in their whatsapp group.This week has been interesting but I chose not to respond rudely to the vile/bodyshaming post..As a hard working woman and a friend I do not approve of body shaming insulting and use of foul language to communicate. I have decided to clear the air.. though those who know me know that it was not me.I would like thank all my fans and friends and clients for your kind words and supportive messages.
Always remember” when people are rude to you,They reveal who they Are,not who you are.dont take it personally” cheers #BeYou,” wrote Pierra Makena.









  1. Mishi must apologize or they meet at the courts

  2. So she just erupted without facts,what a big mistake

  3. The girl was just angry and thought of bursting for the hype

  4. If this is it,then she needs to be sorry

  5. Wazimu tu,why would she abuse and accuse someone without the facts

  6. Truth be told : January 31, 2018 at 2:20 pm

    I feel sorry for Mishi, she doesn’t look like she can afford a lawyer. Pierra is beautiful and well educated , its plain to see that Mishi is jealous of her.

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