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5 mean and hurtful things Njoki Chege said about DJ Mo on her column that made him feel emasculated

September 18, 2017 at 09:55
5 mean and hurtful things Njoki Chege said about DJ Mo on her column that made him feel emasculated

Njoki Chege stripped DJ Mo last Saturday November 16th on her column on Daily Nation. She said 5 mean things about Size 8’s husband that prompted DJ Mo to take action.

Njoki Chege expressed her anger with DJ Mo on her column titled ‘DJ Mo has a flawed view of marriage and should apologize for his remarks’.

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This followed DJ’s confession that he subjected his wife Size 8 through a series of tests before he decided to marry her.

Njoki said 5 things in her article that rubbed DJ Mo the wrong way;

1.DJ Mo’s name reminds Kenyans of Benga maestro
Njoki claimed the mention of the name ‘Sammy Muraya’ Kenyans will first think of the late Benga maestro not Size 8’s husband, implying Mo was still in the bush league.

2. DJ Mo has flawed sense of self-importance
Njoki claimed DJ Mo had flawed sense of self-importance and an inflated ego. This after Mo claimed in his revelation that girls were worshipping him.

3. DJ Mo is an embarrassment to the gospel industry
Njoki sensentionally state that DJ Mo was an embarrassment to the gospel industry for his demeaning and disrespectful portrayal of Size 8. Njoki said that DJ Mo showed the whole world that his wife was a gullible and naïve woman who was easily manipulated into a marriage.

4.DJ Mo has a flawed view of marriage
According to Njoki Chege, DJ Mo believes his wife is only good for cooking and and cleaning. She said DJ Mo demonstarted how his view about marriage was skewed.

5. Size 8 is the lucky one, not DJ Mo
Njoki Chege claimed DJ Mo was the lucky one in his marriage with Size 8. The Daily Nation columnist said that Mo consider himself very lucky for bagging such a beautiful and talented woman.







  1. Njoki Chege hands up on this beating

  2. This is the coffee we need in the entertainment industry.keep it coming

  3. But there is some truth in all this right?

  4. There is nothing to hurt MO here,he just overreacted

  5. But all this is true right?

  6. Njoki is obviously dragging Size 8’s marriage thru the mad jst because she decided to paint Mo’s msg in a different light according to her perception and understanding to feed her column and people esp women of all are congratulating her??smh
    So much for being a columnist. I dislike haters nd people who feed on others crumbs only to call them mean.

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  8. Njoki Chege will do anything to have a story,she needs to go back and reflect on her media ethics and revise her comments,her language is demeaning and just widens a deeper trench in her reputation…

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