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5 Things Diamond Platnumz should have learnt from Alikiba on how to control his baby mamas from causing social media drama

September 21, 2017 at 09:30
Ali Kiba

Both King Kiba and Diamond Platnumz are good artists who have managed to take the East African music to the next level. However, these two brothers don’t get along due to some issues best known to themselves.

But looking at both, you will learn that King Kiba has been in the industry for the longest time compared to Diamond Platnumz therefore we would expect the seduce me hit maker to have been involved in a few scandals here and there with the ladies – however this is not the case.

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King Kiba with Diamond Platnumz back in the day

Diamond Platnumz on the other hand seems to be a pro in this category as he has been involved in quite a number of dramas especially with the ladies and unfortunately this is now starting to affect his career.

I have compiled a list of things Diamond Platnumz should have emulated from Alikiba who just like him also happens to have different baby mamas. But luckily has never been caught up in any unnecessary drama from any of his ladies.

RespectThe moment you show the mother of your child that you respect her then she will do the same for you. And even go to extreme lengths of protecting your privacy.

Create Boundaries: No one said it is a must to marry the woman who has your child. Sometimes things happen but it is best to establish your boundaries. Tell her that you might not make a good husband but you are willing to be the perfect dad just like what Alikiba does for his three children.

Be your own adviser when it comes to personal matters: You would be shocked to realize that Diamond Platnumz team had advised him to deny his own child – something that has left him looking like a fool now that the truth is out for everyone to see. Kiba on the other hand has never pulled such a stunt on any of his baby mamas making him drama free.

No relationship status: It is best to remain single and creeping than to make people believe you are in a relationship yet you are out trying to meet other women. Kiba’s relationship status has always been on the low and for this reason none of the women he gets involved with come out to cause drama since they have no evidence to prove anything against him unlike Diamond Platnumz and Zari’s case.

No phones allowed! Well, this is a point Diamond Platnumz understands quite well right now. Hamisa’s lovey dovey snapchat videos are the reasons why he is stuck in his current situation with Zari. Kiba on the other hand has never been caught on camera getting cozy with his baby mamas or girlfriends.






  1. Diamond is troubled by influence and age

  2. Festus Wangombe : September 21, 2017 at 3:17 pm

    Diamond needs to mature up

  3. Being a celeb is very tricky

  4. Ali Kiba is old kushidna Diamond

  5. Damu ya Daimond ni moto sana apunguze kula karanga

  6. Elizabeth masitsa : September 22, 2017 at 1:09 pm

    I don’t why u guys always compair diamond problem with kiba? It’s a must u involve alikba in any matter of diamond? Am not happy at all

  7. We all know that 2years different does not make Ali Kiba old don’t try to talk ill of someone same has it applies both Kiba and diamond don’t even know you exist so why fight each other maximum, I would rather support Kiba cause his mature and simple too neither do I hate diamond I like him but I would go for kiba Rockstar

  8. Paschal joseph : October 2, 2017 at 9:11 pm

    Alikiba is my best artist in east africa no one like alikiba

  9. king is the best of all

  10. Alikiba is my inspirational and best artist of all time…

  11. Valentine Ngoya : January 5, 2018 at 6:04 pm

    Ali Kiba is the best because he is simple,humble,mature and he is respectful too.

  12. no 1 lyk kiba ,very simple guy. hail the king

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