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7 spectacular photos of Jowie Irungu’s hot model of a wife who doubles up as his manager

August 21, 2020 at 11:35
7 spectacular photos of Jowie Irungu's hot model of a wife who doubles up as his manager

Despite being a convict, Jowie Irungu has a soft spot for ladies and his gorgeous baby mama, Ella has proven so.

Jowie Irungu, Jacque Maribe’s ex, bore a child with a young model before he went down on one knee for the TV sensation. A young girl who is probably in her early years in school, officially introducing her to the world through his gospel debut, Nishikilie.

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Jowie Irungu’s baby mama and their daughter stun in hot pink

During his interview with Jalang’o, Joseph Irungu aka ‘Jowie’ introduced his baby mama just as ‘Ella’ but online DCIs quickly got into work to unearth the beauty behind Jowie’s adorable daughter. Now meet Ms Eleanor Musangi Ndambo aka Ella;

1. Ella modeled back in 2016, gracing runways with models from across the world and a goddess while at it.

2. Despite being a mom, Ella has still maintained her petite model-like body.

3. From her timeline, Ella clearly is a globetrotter, a lover of travel and nature’s beauty.

4. She has learnt to embrace bold colors which have never disappointed.

5. Also identified as Micabella, she was one woman who stood by Jowie during his days behind bars, when everyone he knew, ditched him for the streets. And has since been his manager.

6. Ella keeps it low when she needs to but her looks are ones to die for.  During a recent interview with TUKO, the runway model affirmatively declared;

This is my man for life. I know this is my man for life for our relationship is not made from this world and that is why I speak with courage. I met Jowie through divine intervention.

7. She loves her power suits that never disappoint.

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