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8 times Joyce Omondi fashionably rocked her natural African hair (Photo)

September 04, 2020 at 16:37
8 times Joyce Omondi fashionably rocked her natural African hair (Photo)

Joyce Omondi recently bagged a huge ambassadorial deal with International US firm, Uhai Haircare but it was not without sweat.

The curvy gospel artist and TV host has time and again ditched the Western culture for a natural African look and most especially when it comes to her hairdo.

TV host and gospel singer, Joyce Omondi slaying in her natural African hair

No lie, the beauty knows how to style her hair, for whichever occasion. Be it an outdoor or indoor look, Saturday or Monday, the beauty has proven she can still slay in her look, with her dark African hair stylishly done.

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Her love for the African hair did not start yesterday, having been spotted on several occasions rocking that natural look and still wowing in it. Let’s get straight into it:

1. Early in the year, the beauty went for a floral, subtle wear, splitting her hair to once side and letting it hang on her shoulders.

2. Then came a time she opted for an updo, clearly allowing her face and neck some breathing space and light.

3. She once had it all indoor, with a simple makeup look, some red lippie, natural eyebrows and a portion of hair tied to the back, with some falling to the side and she looked adorable.

4. During one of her many episodes on Full Circle With Joyce, the dashing TV beauty blended a bit of color on her clothes, put on her glasses and let her natural hair loosely fall on her shoulders and back. The hanging earrings completed the look.

5. For an outdoor look, Joyce tied her curly hair to the back, brushing through the hair at the front for a seamless look before getting down to business.

6. The following was a recent event, with her mask on, eyelashes properly done, and her long straight natural hair wound up into a chunk and let loose to one side. Complementing the natural look with some locally made earrings.

7. And when she needs to get herself a complete formal look, then this is how she gets it done.

8. The most recent was this one that might have you mistake it for some African wig she decided to wear, but trust you me, this girl has some pretty good, long and chunky dark hair.

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Joyce Omondi now lives to celebrate the beauty of natural hair

Here is the bonus to how she gets her hair so short.

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Hey friends! It was wonderful to hear from so many of you last Tuesday about some of the struggles you have with your natural hair. I'm also encouraged to know I'm not alone in these shedding chronicles😩. I've been doing a bit more research on how to actually reduce this and will share as soon as I have some concrete answers! ⁣ Some of the other struggles you guys mentioned most were shrinkage and dryness (a couple of you likened your hair to steel wool…. 🙆🏾‍♀️🙊🤣wololo 🤣🤣!) Let me know if you'd like me to do an entire post on how to keep your hair moistured. For me, this has been absolutely critical in my #healthyhairjourney. ⁣ As far as shrinkage, I can totally understand the frustration many of you have with this. But actually, it's a good sign of the health of your hair! ⁣ This video is from one year ago. I had gotten my hair professionally flat-ironed for the first time as a #naturalista and then trimmed 2 whole inches off (shout out to @hair_by_dennis_wagladys and @susankaittany over @poshpalaceofficial who totally pampered me that day)! ⁣ About two weeks later when it was time to wash my hair, I was concerned about whether I had gotten any heat damage because I'm generally terrified about heat on my hair. But voila! I have never been so excited to see shrinkage like I was on this day! 😅😋 ⁣ That said, I do prefer to keep my hair stretched because it helps minimize tangles and matting. I mostly do this through healthy, heat-free ways like twists. ⁣ How do you guys stretch your hair and deal with shrinkage? #naturalista

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