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A happy Shilole and hubby before their love turned sour (Photos)

July 09, 2020 at 19:11
A happy Shilole and hubby before their love turned sour (Photos)

Singer Shilole and husband of 2 years Uchebe left many talking after the lass shared photos showing how badly her husband has been beating her.

This however came as a shocker since the two never showed any signs of abuse; or even embarrassed each other on social media.

But after unveiling the photos through her instagram page; fans now feel that these two have been living a fake life that would have probably cost Shilole her life.

Shilole beaten black and blue

Paul Makonda speaks

However during a press conference held by Paul Makonda who is the Regional Commissioner of Dar es Salaam; he got to reveal that Shilole and Uchebe had been having issues for a while now.

He went on to mention that so far he has intervened thrice after the couple was involved in bad physical fights. According to him, this time around the law will have to deal with the two; and however is found on the wrong will have to face the consequences.

Makonda went on to urge men to avoid turning their wives into punching bags; as he referred to the photos shared by Shilole.

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“NIMEWASULUISHA MARA 3, SHILOLE AKASEMA NITAKUFA NIKUACHIE WATOTO” ———————————————————————-Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Dar Es Salaam @baba_keagan amesema siku ya jana baada ya Shilole kuachia picha zinazomuonesha Shilole amepigwa , Uchebe alienda nyumbani kwake. RC amesema tayari wameshakaa vikao zaidi ya vitatu vya kusuluisha ugomvi wa Uchebe kumpiga mke wake lakini mwanaume huyo amekuwa akiendelea kufanya hivyo. Amesema tayari vyombo vya ulinzi na usalama vimeshachukua mkondo wake kuhusiana na tukio hilo. RC Makonda amesema hayo muda mchache baada ya kufanya mazungumzo na Mkuu mpya wa Wilaya ya TEMEKE, Gondwe. Kuangalia full video tembelea ya Bongo5 Written and edited by @yasiningitu

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Marriage life

Although no union has ever been easy, the likes of Akothee and Zari have strongly asked young women to avoid abusive relationships as it never ends well.

Through her Instagram page Akothee condemned this type of relationships saying she was better off lonely; than damaged from the mental and physical abuse from a carefree man.


No woman should go through this kind of humiliation, it’s not that we are weak and can’t fight back , it’s the respect and love that we have for you that brings submission, every woman in love will do everything to keep her marriage going even when you date an imbecile 🙏, No one wants to live alone ,it’s very lonely up there ,it’s even worse as a celebrity.

Anyway, we also can’t overlook the fact that Shilole and Uchebe shared some memorable moments before their love turned sour. Check out the photos below;

Shilole and Uchebe before love become sour

Uchebe and Shilole on their wedding day

Love birds Shilole with hubby

Shishi with ex hubby

Couple goals




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