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A no-nonsense Saumu Mbuvi claps back at critics in black and white [screenshots]

August 09, 2019 at 11:32
A no-nonsense Saumu Mbuvi claps back at critics in black and white [screenshots]

Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko´s daugher slams city women who´s daily agenda is to criticize her on social media.

So just this week, the mother of 1 shared a photo of herself with her lover, Lamu Senator Anwar who was holding her daughter closely.

The 3 seemed to jell pretty well.

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However, soon after her post, one of her followers decided to lecture her on how to ´raise´ her daughter whom she sired with businessman, Ben Gatu.

Identified as ¨Ma Kasaine¨, she penned:

Chunga sana huyo mtoto. Don´t keep introducing different men in your life, it´s not good for her.

By now you´re well aware that you don´t interfere in Saumu´s business and go scot free. She had her comeback set.

This was her response:

ma_kasaine with your age… maisha yangu inakuashia nini…wewe lea wako utakavyo…this life didn´t come with a manual!! Let´s see how your daughter will turn out!!! Are you God to judge?

Before giving her closing statement:

Peleka menopause polepole. Next time u want to spread your negativity keep to yourself and your family not people´s kids.


Another of Saumu´s response towards hate-filled women being:

Wamama wa chit chat watafutiwe kazi ya kufua nguo waachane na maisha ya watu. If you know them tag them all!Menopause iwapeleke poplepole jameni. Dear God please keep these women busy we are tired of them. Bless their pockets so they can find better things to do with their lives.

And in another of her posts, she poses with couple dollars captioning:

Well, she later trashed the posts before making a replacement:

He who must destroy others to succeed must know that destruction awaits him at the gate of his success.

Sonko´s daughter further cited her past as a good example to critics who think she hasn´t faced life lessons and been toughened already, sharing:

While they are waiting for her downfall, what they don´t know is she has already stumbled, fell and got back up!! No turning back.

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