A perfect match on Ebru TV defined by standards

March 15, 2019 at 20:13
A perfect match on Ebru TV defined by standards

The Perfect Match is a popular show on Ebru TV that has captured the aspect of dating in today’s generation. The show is characterized by humor, drama and controversy. The show organizes for two strange people a lady and man to meet on what we can call a blind date.

Breeds of ladies who are referred to as “slay queens” are the main participants of this show. They are filled with high expectations on what they expect from their blind date.

The production of The Perfect Match is whack. When looking at the characterization of the show the Perfect Match does not really bring out the name of the show. How do you bring people who do not even know what dating means? In this case most of the characters being young do not really bring out the idea of dating. The show thus appears to be more of drama than tips on how to get a perfect match. In as much as the show is looking for numbers characterization has failed!


In most instances you find that in all the episodes of the Ebru TV show the Perfect Match, most of the ladies are materialistic and guys focus more on the physical appearance of their blind date. The characters are young and naïve and do not really know what they want in life. The Perfect Match creates a question on who is the target audience . The lady characters in the show are underage; do they even know the meaning of a perfect match? They also are arrogant in the way they talk.  Aren’t they sending a message to the viewer that a guy should be rich, tall, dark and handsome? Ndio maana  hawa boy child wanajinyonganyonga.  Sad.

Aren’t the guys on the other hand sending a message that a lady should be light skinned, petite, physically fit (bootylicious, hippy). Is this what the society refer to as a perfect fit or a lost generation? Although most of the characters claim to have money they are also funded by their parents being campus kids. The Perfect Match Show has brought out young generation who are living a double standard lifestyle.

What’s next after finding the “perfect match”?




  1. Kevin wawire : May 19, 2019 at 6:45 pm

    Help me join perfect match because am much interested too

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