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“A special human being” Kambua showers late dad with praises despite his embattled herbal cure business

September 17, 2019 at 12:49
"A special human being" Kambua showers late dad with praises despite his embattled herbal cure business

Gospel singer, Kambua clears the air on the kind of business her late father, Professor Manundu was doing in the embattled field of health.

Kambua’s dad owned Tabibu Cures International company that deals with herbal drugs. But many have over the years concluded he is a witch doctor.

Kambua with her late dad, Professor Manundu

She however sets the record straight on what exactly her late elite dad did, in an exclusive interview airing:

We are an alternative medicine provider and not waganga as often misinterpreted. We use nature to advise people on how they can supplement the modern medicine with diet and well living.

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With a business left behind, the TV host who currently co-runs her late dad’s business, has hailed her dad’s legacy.

My dad was a special human being. There was no impossibility in his life. He made everything seem so easy, so doable that sometimes I wonder how he managed to do it all. No doubt he left too big a pair of shoes for anybody to ever fit in. My brother and I took over Tabibu Cures Ministries and many times, we keep referring to ‘how dad would have done this or that.’ I miss him a lot but I am grateful for the time we spent with him.




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