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A supposedly pregnant Nandy shouts – I am really working to get rid of it

September 23, 2019 at 09:34
A supposedly pregnant Nandy shouts - I am really working to get rid of it

Bongo sensual songstress, Nandy has been suspected to be pregnant especially after flaunting a growing pot belly only to attribute it to too much feeding.

The Tanzanian musician roughly two weeks ago, shared a video singing along to her recent release “Kiza Kinene” while proudly caressing her bulging belly.

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What fans took of it is she is pregnant and more than proud to be a mother in couple months. If her previous heartbreaking miscarriage is anything to go with.

In a recent interview with Citizen TV’s Willy M Tuve, the sultry singer strongly dismissed the claims basing them on fact that she’s been eating alot lately.

To be honest, I have gained some weight. I know people think I am pregnant because of my pot belly, which came about from my love for food but I am really working to get rid of it. Honestly, I am not pregnant, this is just food.

Adding that the clothes she’d put on on that particular day, unfortunately ended up showing a protruding belly.

I had gone for an interview and the clothes I had worn disappointed me, one could think I was pregnant because my stomach protruded in the clothes.

Just to note, word was Nandy might be pregnant for her ex-cum-collabomate, Bill Nass after allegedly getting back together.

However, in different interviews, the two denied the claims.

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