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Abdu Kiba features Christian Bella in new jam “Nalingi Ye”

July 09, 2019 at 16:27
Nalingi Ye By Abdu Kiba ft Christian Bella

Tanzanian Music keeps getting better by the day .Now King’s Music front liner , Abdukiba has  united with the gifted artist and music entertainer Christian Bella on his recently released single titled Nalingi Ye.

For one the two artists are among East Africa’s celebrated musicians and for that we expect a touch of class when it comes to vocals and lyrical mastery.


Nalingi Ye is a Congolese phrase  that translates to I love him or her. The song is a serenade that basically expressing love to a woman.

Further Abdu Kiba and Bella sing  to want extent the man is willing to go just for love. Despite the Congolese title the use of Swahili in the lyrical breakdown is magical.

The first stanza is  basically descriptive, where the singer uses a metaphorical approach to show love.

Kwanza rangi yake 

Mfano wa tausi ndege wake

Huku kununa kwake

Akinuna aznidi kuwa mwake……

He goes on to express his sentiments to the love of his life.Stating that he is willing to go through life’s hardships just for her.

Christian Bella


For rhumba and Bongo lovers this song embodies all your needs.It excites and calms you down in both aspects of relaxation.

As Kiba works on getting the woman he loves, the pride he feels to see all the characteristics he wants in a woman is so well put. He even asks at the bridge, Nifanye nini mie? Nakupenda my sweet ooh, baby boo.

King of the best MelodyChristian Bella , sure to come in his stanzas to add the juice to the song asking the woman to fight for their love.

Further tells off the nay Sayers adding,”…… Wasambaze tusiwape ya kusema Chumbani tuuzie jina…….” Got it?That’s just about it.

At the end of it all they pass the general message that love wins no matter the challenges in life. As we wait for the video, we will give them 6/10.

Below is the audio listen and tell us what you think.




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