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About to pop! Pastor Ruth Matete unveils new baby bump photos, and indeed she’s truly heavy

September 22, 2020 at 14:56
About to pop! Pastor Ruth Matete unveils new baby bump photos, and indeed she's truly heavy

Pastor Ruth Matete has every reason to be grateful for the far she has come! 2020 has been a year she will never forget as she lost the love of her life; and at the same time is expecting a bundle of joy that will forever change her life!

Just recently the pastor came forth to address the fake people pretending to care about her whereabouts; when all along they were among the first people to point fingers at her after the late Beloved’s accident occured.

In a detailed post, the singer cum preacher warned the so called ‘popular pastor’ against faking a relationship; when they already abandoned her when she needed them.

Ruth Matete

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Grown bump

Away from that, it’s also evident to see that Pastor Ruth will soon be welcoming her son soon. This is judging by the Size of the baby bump that has left the preacher looking all exhausted!

Even with this, Matete continues to strengthen herself mostly because she will soon be welcoming a precious gift given to her by her late husband.

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But with just a few more weeks to go, the lady has no option but to keep pushing forward as no season in life in permanent. And her pain will soon fade away too.

Below are a few photos showing her grown baby bump!

Pregnant Matete

Pregnant Matete about to pop!





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