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Actress Miss Morgan explains her single relationship status, here’s why she not married

October 26, 2021 at 14:20
Actress Miss Morgan explains her single relationship status, here’s why she not married

Just the other day DJ Creme came out to say marriage is a scam and we all thought, oh he is bitter because wife left him for a wealthier man, right.

But again there’s KRG, a millionaire who was dumped by his wife – meaning money isn’t the fuel that keeps the love burning.

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And then there’s Miss Morgan who has an 8 year old daughter from her previous relationship which ended in tears. Speaking during a recent YouTube interview the popular actress got to open up about her single relationship status explaining why she is not yet married in her late 30’s.

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According to Miss Morgan, she was set to marry her baby daddy years ago, but this did not work out as planned since he was not the man for her.

I was engaged and set to be married. He became a deadbeat baby daddy because I cancelled the engagement but there were elders who came to warn my dad against receiving the bride price.They asked him not to accept the dowry because of his history with women; it was all true and I came to learn about it later.

Baby daddy punishing both her and their daughter

Having cancelled the dowry plans on him, Ms Morgan says her daughter’s father then decided to cut both her and their child from his life.

Former Tahidi High Actress, Ms Morgan

So far, she describes him as a deadbeat parent who willingly walked out of his daughter’s life since he couldn’t have the mother too.

I told him though we cannot continue being together, he has access to our child but he said no.

Well since her last experience with a serious relationship looks like the idea of settling down out her off till date.




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