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Adorable photo of TerryAnne Chebet and her all grown daughter

September 22, 2017 at 15:01
Adorable photo of TerryAnne Chebet and her all grown daughter

Former Citizen TV’s TerryAnne Chebet is rumored to be expecting her second child but the lady has not come out to deny nor confirm the stories. However, she continues to carry her daily activities like nothing has changed about her life and looking at her social media pages – the lady is doing quite well with her company.

Away from that, I recently bumped into a cute photo of the lady with her daughter who seems to have grown into a fine vivacious young lady just like her mother. Though prefers to keep the young on the low there is no doubt that she is grooming the girl into a future leader and a responsible woman.

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TerryAnne Chebet with her daughter

From how she captioned their photo, Terryanne Chebet seems to have no regrets having raised her daughter alone and if anything she is grateful as this is one of the meaningful things she has done in her entire life. She wrote saying:

And…. motherhood turned out to be the most meaningful thing I’ve ever done with my life. Really. ~Nia Vardalos

Checkout their adorable photo below:

TerryAnne Chebet with her adorable daughter

TerryAnne Chebet with her adorable daughter






  1. You two look very beautiful

  2. Your daughter is very pretty

  3. the gal is beautiful just like u,true beauties

  4. Yes,the look adorable and cute

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