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After my mum’s demise, we had to grow up in the hands of a cruel stepmother – Selina

April 01, 2020 at 10:45
After my mum's demise, we had to grow up in the hands of a cruel stepmother - Selina

Celestine Gachuhi, the face of TV drama series ‘Selina’, endured a rough childhood in the arms of her stepmother.

The celebrated actress has kept a brave face on our TV screens but in the depth of her being, lies a girl whose childhood memories still linger in her mind.

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Barely a Class Five pupil, the cruel hands of death took away the only woman she looked up to and called ‘mum’.

Actress, Celestine Gachuhi


To make matters worse, months later, her dad married another woman, to complete his heart once more.

Unfortunately, the tag most stepmums have been given over time, became a reality in Selina’s life and that of her siblings.

The new parent in her life saw her hop from one school to another and it wasn’t fun and games for the then, little girl.

When I was in Class Five, my mum passed away. In 2007, my dad got married to my stepmum. I finished primary school in Nakuru and was taken to Narok County afterward and life was not good and as amazing as it should be for people joining high school.

Selina TV drama series main actress

A mother-figure who really never cared about the children from another woman. A life filled with hardships on end.

The kind of life I was living depressed me and the things I went through with my stepmum were hard.

So bad was it, that the actress opted out of her dad’s home in Nakuru, and sought greener pastures in Nairobi along with her sister.

The light

It is after starting life in the busy streets of Nairobi, that Selina’s talent in the acting industry was realized.

Celestine Gachuhi

Back then, the model took part in travelling theaters that slowly nurtured her talent, to become the face of one of the most followed Kenyan telenovelas today, just aged 24.

I remember I earned Ksh 3,800 in three months and I bought a phone with the money.

It is no surprise, the actress took up the role of a polite girl who lives with her stepmother in the local drama series ‘Selina’.

Like they say, it is what you go through at your early stages in life, that molds you or drives your path later on in life.





  1. I can relate to her story my mum died six months after I was born and my dad had a second wife my siblings and I never got a chance to leave a good life my step mom together with her mother did everything possible to ruin our lives to an extent of using witchcraft just to make us suffer and to make her biological children’s life successful and happy

  2. After my mum's demise, we had to grow up in the hands of a cruel stepmother - Selina - Kenyan Digest : April 2, 2020 at 7:08 am

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