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“After watching the clip I couldn’t hold back my tears” Kenyan Hollywood actor who suffered from depression speaks on Rose Muhando’s situation

December 03, 2018 at 10:09
"After watching the clip I couldn't hold back my tears" Kenyan Hollywood actor who suffered from depression speaks on Rose Muhando's situation

Video clip of controversial Apostle James Nganga exorcising demons out of Rose Muhando continue to set tongues wagging weeks after it surfaced online.

US based Kenyan actor Silas Mwenda, who suffered from severe depression last year, has commented on Rose Muhando’s situation in a long post.

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“After watching Rose Muhando video clip that surfaced online I couldn’t hold back my tears. For a minute I thought I was watching a clip from horror film. Its was very sad. Unbelievable! Rose Muhando’s story is a great reflection of our lives as a society. Mental health is real and it needs to be addressed. Depression is real. All those small fights we have in our lives everyday if they are not watched they will lead to something worse without us realizing. Some of us are struggling with relationships, career problems, discouragement, marital problem, low self esteem, financial strains,” wrote Silas in part.

Silas Mwenda

Silas Mwenda

Those who look happiest could be the most affected

Silas, who has starred in a new movie dubbed ‘Ryde or Die’, reveals that Rose’s situation could have been different if she had opened up to the people who are close to her.

He further reveals that people who look happiest in public might be the ones who are deeply affected by depression.

“Some of us look very happy in public but very lonely crying and fighting a monster in private. If Rose opened about her problem with her manager to Pastor Nganga or any other closer person she could have gotten help long time. she could not have lost the battle. She could have found help! But unfortunately she went silent.

“They look like Kim Kardashian and Beyonce on social media but kindly find out how they are doing. Mental health can affect all of us regardless of our position in the society. From Celebrities to the house girls. Mental health is real. We all need to open and talk about it. Could you tell Rose was fighting a monster by looking at her perform at Groove award concerts? No.. My prayers and support goes to Rose Muhando.Lets pray for her instead of sitting down and judging her.We are all victims.”








  1. This is very true, depression is worse when one has no one they trust enough to talk to

  2. Inatia huruma sana,maskini Rose leo hayuko kama zamani

  3. No situation is permanent.i strongly believe that her story is not over.God being a God of impossibilities she has a reason to smile again.lets come together and pray for her.

    • Your comments about mental health are critically true. Let people be informed about professional help involving either psychiatrist or better still clinical psychologists.

      • I think many people are mis informed about all this,witchcraft, demons are real. Even the most experienced doctor cannot handle a cases requiring spiritual intervention. Thats why many people go to hospital consult well educated doctors and eventually die.there are normal sickness caused by natural causes which a doctor can diagnose and treat, but spiritual diseases cannot respond to medication.most mental cases are caused by demons or sorcery that is why very few people respond well to treatment.

  4. Pauline Atikinyi : December 4, 2018 at 6:24 am

    Rose I pray for her to me what rose is experiencing is what our lord Jesus went through, when He was tempted thrice. The devil is a lier, Rose has brought many to God, she is fighting the war of Gethsemane the spirit and the flesh. With the Rosar she will be set free,Receive Jesus in the blessed Eucharist, the Devil remember greater is he who is in Rose than the one who is is the world.

  5. Depression when Not handled well for sure can kill, may God urgently address Rose’s issue, she has come so far to loose it at this time, it’s well with her soul, such needs safe confidant u can open up to, it shall be well we pray

  6. Let Rose Muhando quit that camp once and for all, and give her life totally to the Lord Jesus Christ.
    It is only the Lord Jesus Christ who will get her out of that messy quagmire. Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords, Powerful than any other power whatsoever.
    Muhando, wacha hio Mali yote iende, bali sasa tizamia uhai wa milele.

    May Jehovah Yahweh help Rose, in Jesus Name.

  7. I think we’ve got to leave this and think about other things

  8. Earthly wealth is nothing compared to the eternal life. Let go the wealth and seek first the kingdom of God and all shall be added unto you. It’s not easy to believe someone who has reached the level of a celebrity if something happens in their lives. Many will criticize this depending on their understanding of of spiritual matters. Trust me I understand music and knows what it does to the soul and salvation. Her first album could not let the devil sleep, let’s pray for her

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