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Akothee after recent beefs: Celebs are also human beings

November 22, 2018 at 08:16
Akothee after recent beefs: Celebs are also human beings

Singer Akothee might be all over Instagram showing her life and fighting other celebs but she clearly knows when to draw the line.

The singer, who has fought Cypirian Nyakundi and Robert Alai for the better part this week and shamed them like no one else has ever done in Kenya, has said that celebrities need to known when to stop and a detach from showbiz.

“All celebrities should learn to detach from showbiz and reality ! We are not angels, we are human beings with feelings , blood and flesh just like you , the struggles are so fucking real! it’s only that we dont show it ! Maybe we make it look easy just to encourage you ?!,” she said. 

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Akothee also said that people come to her page with different expectation and when they don’t find them, they descend on her with insults and ridicules. She asked such fans to unfollower her instead of complaining.

“Dont take our kindness of sharing our past or painful experiences for a weakness , learn from what we share , and you can also choose to ignore? Be very careful while handling your celebrity, the moment you clicked the like button ! You are a fan or an admirer take it or leave it FACT what you are following is best known to you! So take it with Jesus , You can choose other celebrities too , dont like my page expecting beyonce mwitu to behave like she was born and bread in Amerka, I was privileged to step into the US only 2 times , and lived all my life in the village, so what expect you ? you can also be beyonce on your wall and have followers! People expect too much , my advice to celebrities, do you and make yourself comfortable!.”


“Your fans will adjust , just know that if you have 2 million followers 3/4 may be chasing you ????? and only 1/4 are maad fans , thats why you release a song and even after months you haven’t achieved 2 million views ??????, but when you die ! You will have 4 million R.i.P in one day ! Your sex tape will have 10 million views in 1 minute ???? think ☝️☝️☝️☝️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️ wait until a female celebrity is in some shit ! Fellow women will gang up to make the situation worse ! Female celebrities will also curve their tails in fear of being attacked or their brands soiled but they all be going through fans comments, or use that particular moment of your shit to trend in it too , cheap beefs , this world is full of bulshit, that’s why I am bulshit myself, KOJOENI MLALE.”






  1. Kenyans don’t know the meaning of celebrity surely

  2. Ata we we kojoa ulale,but tumekusikia,atleat apo kwa million views umetoa point,for the first time,,,big up Akothee the Esther

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