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Akothee and baby daddy engage in a custody battle over their son

January 23, 2018 at 16:15
Akothee and baby daddy engage in a custody battle over their son

Things between Akothee and her first Mzungu baby daddy seem to be heading south. A few weeks ago the singer revealed that her baby daddy had tried to take their son since the singer was now involved with Nelly Oaks, her manager.

According to Akothee this left the guy, Marcus jealous and the only way he could hurt her is by taking the boy, Ojwang away.

However, this seem to have gotten out of hand as the two are to battle for the boy’s custody. Akothee says that the baby daddy’s reason of taking the boy away is because he is now living with a stranger (Nelly Oaks)  in his mum’s house.

Akothee spills the beans!

Many have always assumed that Akothee gained a lot of her Mzungu baby daddy but seems like this is not the case. She may have lived with him but her life was quite empty.

The fella Marcus apparently disappeared for about 3days after she went into labor with their son. While she was in the maternity, he abandoned her girls leaving them with nothing in the fridge to eat. She said;

One of his allegations is that his child is living with my cohabitants not known to him , please I don't know the meaning of this word Cohabitant! This English is too big please break it for me , help a sister so I don't go and embarrassment my ugly sef in court ???see the empty fridge behind me was empty when I came back from the maternity ward , I dropped my new born in bed took my car and drove right to nakumat to shop for food for my children , just 2 days I was in hospital he already abandoned my 3 girls on their own ! The night I was labouring he was in Tembo & even the night I came back with the new born he was in casaurina and dint come back after 3 days ??? Oyaa see my life @veshashaillan roja that, nilikuwa nimeparara lakini heri watoto wangu waishi vizuri, if I died during this fiasco would the court know my name's? Would lawyers pocket any change? What do you think would have happened to my children? Now you know I wasn't like this , the world taught me to #calpolis

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This is going to be one hard case but fans have been encouraging the mother of 5 to stay strong.






  1. That is the life she chose she will be okay

  2. How life can turn out sometimes

  3. The guy is concerned Nelly is enjoying the fruits

  4. Victor Omondi : January 23, 2018 at 5:00 pm

    What a miserable outcome of events,this must be stressing madam Akoth

  5. She can only hope for the best,the court can rule either way

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