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Akothee explains why she doesn’t like employing graduates

July 31, 2019 at 10:06
Akothee explains why she doesn't like employing graduates

Singer Akothee has revealed why she doesn’t employ university graduates in her businesses.

Taking to social media, the singer explained that the problem with graduates is they want to be paid a lot because they have gone to school yet haven’t mastered the job.

“I am on the hang of the hover today , but must work, hey this lady has been working for me for 5 years , yet she came with 0 experience, she can do anything, from farm to cooking. The problem with young generation now, they are looking for an office to slay ,they want to be associated with big names , I don’t read CVS especially from graduates, full of rubbish , most of them I employed, cannot download what they have on papers to practicals 🙆🙆🤷🤷🤷, I am afraid some of them looks like they bought exams or someone sat the papers for them , as a parent I am worried 🤔😭🙉🙈, I have employed more than 20 graduates that I had to release on the first month 🤔” she said. 


In another post, Akothee added that graduates demand huge pay yet lack the experience needed.

“Simply because the inexperienced ones also comes with big salary expectations and expect to be paid with zero job done, I have tried and failed with trying to provide opportunities, either you work to produce results or go home,” she said. 





  1. Yes am your fun and above all I respect you madam boss.You’re such an inspiration to many young men and women today, including me.I’ve been close to you for almost a decade now but I’ve never heard such before.I least expected to hear this from you.There are so many jobless graduates outside there including me who’re your die hard supporters.Hearing this is just like a catalyst to suicide coz we’re already in deep depression.Who will employ us? .Please give us hope.Give us advice, .Give us motivation and if you have the capacity employ us.I still enjoy being your fan.

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