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Akothee gifts fan with exotic trip after vehemently defending her on social media 

November 30, 2018 at 08:01
Akothee gifts fan with exotic trip after vehemently defending her on social media 

There two paths you can take when dealing with singer Akothee.

You can choose the Cyprian Nyakundi’s way where you throw insults to her and get destroyed in a social media battle or you can agree with her and be rewarded.

A fan on social media recently sided with her and won big.

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The fan, who goes by the name Sensei Moshéy, defend Akothee for her flamboyant lifestyle saying that she’s not bragging but just living a normal life.

It all started after Akothee posted the amount of money she churns to maintain her swimming pool. A clean Ksh 120,000.

A fan going be the name Lucy Blessings then commented on the post saying that the singer is just but bragging.

“This is bragging why post your bill like seriously?? I saw someone on the TV he pays 2m electrical bill but don’t Bragg,,, so hii inatusaidia na nini as your IG followers??” she said. 

Akothee then replied:  “ooh I just paid 1.6 m to kplc and I posted while you were off line , data bundles issues ama.”


Sensei Moshéy then came into the picture saying that sometimes people are just living a normal life and they say such things because it’s normal to them but might end up looking like they are bragging to others.

Akothee was so impressed by this comments that he asked Kenyans to choose a holiday destination for him because he had just won himself one.

“Moshet, thanks for giving advice on my behalf. I am taking him on holiday after reading his comment, where should I take him?” She posted. 







  1. OBARA INNOCENT : December 1, 2018 at 9:05 am

    that is your life akothee.wish i had such kind of life too

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