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Akothee: I thank God no one can beat me in the line of walking naked

January 29, 2018 at 07:31
Akothee: I thank God no one can beat me in the line of walking naked

Akothee raised eyebrows when she recently stepped out in a see-through dress. The mother of five has offered detailed explanation to her lifestyle.

Akothee says most of the things people see online are just superficial. She explains that just because people post flashy things on social media doesn’t necessarily mean they enjoy the same in life.

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“Drop me any where I will survive, there is no amount of money that can bring peace of mind !don’t think that because you can’t take photos in bathtubs it means you are living a low level life & have no class, most of the bathtubs you see online are short term they belong to the hotel rooms ! So it’s just an experience for a moment ! don’t think because you have never been to a plane you ain’t living ,your time will come and you will order a private jet , don’t think because you got no followers you ain’t respected , no! most of the flashy things you see online are not investments they are lifestyle! Lifestyle is a short term investments for a long term problem !so tell me if you want to own a home or rather rent a private jet ! Tell me if you wanna take a loan to buy a sports car for 8m or better buy an apartment and use your rent to pay off the loan ! How do you feel when you park your 8m car in a parking with people driving smaller cars, but you both pay same rent !don’t you think it’s funny ?

I compete with the Esther

Akothee further explains that she’s living her life to the fullest because she is only competing with her former self. She also asserted that she was the queen of walking without clothes.

“2018 let’s embrace change for a better future , never try to compare your life with people you see online ! You never know what kind of cards people are holding & what they go through behind cameras! be nice to yourself and focus on your growth .I compete with the Esther yesterday!I thank God no one can beat me in the line of walking naked that award is mine no compe ?? #calpolis”





  1. Akothee loves attention

  2. Is this something to be proud of???

  3. She is a crazy old woman

  4. And what is the respect for doing that

  5. And she is proud? what a world we live in

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